Maison Apnoea | About
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General overview

Apnoea is a total look womenswear born in Italy, with a multidisciplinary approach to the world of fashion.

Apnoea wants to celebrate with its work the Made in Italy, made of quality, attention to details and research. The first Apnoea collection was presented for the first time at White in Milan (February 2017), obtaining an immediate response and media attention.

The preview of the Spring / Summer 2018 collection was presented for A.I. Artisanal Intelligence during AltaRoma (July 2017).

Apnoea is an unconventional brand, with lines that point to an international aesthetic. Apnoea is determinade to be a status, a way of life.

About our brand and history

The collections are the result of aesthetic research ranging from art, architecture, different cultures, that are determined to create a new avant-garde vision in the Italian and international overview. The most important thing about Apnoea is the “team” matrix. In fact, all the founding members deal with different divisions.
The inspiration comes from the constant search for new inspiration and new perceptions, “unconventional” materials that design new shapes: the fine embroidery meets plastic materials creating a new way to see the dress, plastic is the cocoon where we protect our dress.


Spazio Liberty
via Marcona 3
Milano, Italia
Phone: +39 3385038317

Garage Marina Guidi & Co.
Via Novi, 5 c/o Torneria Tortona
(Tortona District)
20144 Milano, Italia
Phone: +39 333 68 98 326