Maison Apnoea | Apnoea. Womenswear & accessories new project. Based in Italy.
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“Winter sea. It seems like there was no form of life before. Before her.

She takes off her shoes, dives in water, holds her breath. The ritual begins.


ὰπνοια “apnoea”
ap·noe·a n. [from Greek ἄπνοια : ἀ-, without; + πνέω, breathing] Temporary absence or voluntary cessation of breathing.


Apnoea is a temporary and voluntary interruption of life and flow of time.
An appropriate condition for a journey in yourself.
An introspection between obsessive images of air pocket, in a parallel world.
Because the first step in searching for your own way is knowing that you haven’t it.
In silence, suspended, in an air bubble taken from Panta Rhei.
A bubble that protects, steals, goes away. But it’s transparent. Everything can be seen, nothing is alive.
A bride who marries memory, escaping from a safe return, where sky and sea fuse together.
She’s in the abyss, but she looks strongly at the sky, and the mind flies away.

Apnoea as suspension
Apnoea as subtraction
Apnoea as space between real and unreal
Apnoea as an echo that resounds in the abyss
Apnoea as a place of memory
Apnoea as protection